I love this place owned by Mark Bell. I am a writer and was trying to get my manuscript turned into a professional looking book for retail or online sale. Now I know there are all these places online that will print and publish your book, but it seemed so complicated, and expensive. I am not a computer whiz, mathematician or printer.  I wanted to speak to a real person who could look at my manuscript and my cover design, and get it done the way I wanted. I also needed my ISBN number on the cover. Many online places will print out copies cheaply, but you have to set it up, measure, format, design your cover according to their specs and on and on.  And if you want them to do it, the charges sky rocket and you don't know what you're getting.  Mark just asked for a copy of the text, the ISBN number and a picture of the front and back cover and wording I wanted.  He gave me six proofs of variations of the cover so I could decide which one I wanted--and they were all done so beautifully it was hard to decide. He also sat with me and went through the Dedication and Acknowledgment pages to make sure it was set up exactly the way I wanted.  He cleaned up any anomalies and put it all together.
I can't recommend this company more highly.  While there I also saw some of the other work they do:  Life size posters, brochures, color and glossy print books. They also do beautiful renditions for funerals, sign in books, cards, etc. It is all very high quality work at phenomenal prices. And last but not least is the incredible personal attention.  This is a gem of a place.

Helene F.

Los Angeles, CA



This is the only place I go to for my printing needs. They get the job done proper and quick. Mark is super nice and always takes care of my needs and is always willing to go out of his way to make sure I am a happy camper. Go here once and you won't go anywhere else!

Ryan L.

Newhall, CA


Had several different printing jobs done. It's been a great experience dealing with such a professional team that provided excellent results. Highly recommended!

Zee S.

Los Angeles, CA


I Am Printing is by far the BEST print shop in Burbank City. Hands Down.
I found this amazing place because my other print shops bailed on me at the last minute, and needed a job done that same day. Not going to mention any names, but one because they didn't have the type of paper I needed (Cardstock), and the other because they don't do on-the-spot printing.
So I began calling all the printing services in the area, mainly in Burbank, all of them either saying they don't do on-the-spot printing, and others were not open to the public.
Finally Mark, from I Am Printing picks up, gave him the job I was looking to get done.
Mark quickly understood, and with a sense of urgency, asked me to come in to see what can be done.
The location was easy to find, and parking was not an issue.
Went in, met Mark, and one of his team-mates. They uploaded my design which was print ready, and printed a test sheet on the 13 x 19 Cardstock semi-gloss paper.
The quality of the print was amazing that the test-sheet was good enough for final presentation. So I asked for another 3, and all were flawless.
I was already thrilled by Marks initiative to get the ball moving, and the fact that he mentioned that they are barely opening up to do print services for the public, really blew me away.
Mark and his associate were Professional to the greatest extent, and set the standards for quality customer service. People like Mark, you don't see too often now-a-days, this man is really down to Earth, a peoples person, goes out of his way to tend to your problems, and provide solutions.
I recommend anyone that's looking for quality print work, and exceptional customer service to definitely stop by I Am Printing. They'll do all that and then some. :)
Thank you so much for all your help Mark. I Am Printing is now my PRIMARY (#1) print shop for all my printing needs.

Eddie C.

North Hollywood, CA


My husband and I were staying in the area and in desperate search of a place to make copies. We stumbled upon I Am Printing Solutions and Mark was extremely hospitable. He made all our copies free of charge!
I am actually a bicoastal photographer, and due to this super service, will now be considering I Am Printing Solutions for my own printing needs!

Ilene S.

New York, NY


I Am Printing Solutions is the go to place for any print jobs you need!! We entered very last minute and they helped us out right away. The quality is amazing and looks very professional. We needed it done for a package design so it was very important for the quality and colors to be exactly as we wanted and they really made it happen for us! Thanks so much to these guys. Definitely referring anyone to check em out for their printing needs!

Kristina Z.

Thousand Oaks, CA


We have had many experiences with I AM Printing solutions over the years and have always been very pleased with the quality and end result of all of the jobs that they have completed for us and the fact that the orders are always shipped on time.
Thank you, to all of the employees for the excellent work you have always provided to us!
We highly recommend you :)

Paula D.

Mulvane, KS


I been using I Am Printing Solutions for the last three years, they are the best. My printed material are all ways on time, best quality and prices. Thanks I Am Printing Solutions.

Alexander A.

Burbank, CA


I was very impressed with this professional printer. The quality and time frame of the job was exceptional. I feel they went out of their way to make this perfect and the price was right. This is a small shop but with BIG results. I highly recommend them to any one for all printing needs.

Steve H.

Newhall, CA


Mark is so relaxed and accommodating. My experience was tailor-fit for me and my printing needs. I was quite stressed that day and literally walked in from the street preparing to leave town. I was immediately given the attention that I needed, and my printing problems were solved in a timely manner. I was very thankful.

Garland H

Burbank, CA


Finally, I found a printing place that understands design, detail, quality and delivery on time! Mark was very helpful, we started off with a brainstorming & consulting session. With in 15 mins he knew what needed to be done and he also had great ideas to include business advice. Am in LA and this is in Burbank -trust me its worth the drive because my business cards are just WOW!

Den O.

Los Angeles, CA


I use them for all my printing needs. They are the most professional and caring staff I have ever worked with. Excellent results in a timely manner. I Am Printing Solutions should be every ones go to printer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I also used them for Remembering You Always.

David L.

Chatsworth, CA


Great service for any type of printing. They also do it fast.

Alfred T.

Los Angeles, CA


I needed help designing a full page ad with a trade publication and I am printing solutions came to my rescue.  I had a tight schedule and very little knowledge of where to start.  Mark and his team went straight to work and produced a beautiful page ad for my company. I Am Printing Solutions was very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient.  I will definitely use them for all my printing needs.


Perries, CA


Tremendous graphic design services.  Very professional.

Gwen M.

Burbank, CA


Hello everyone, I would like to start by saying thank you to I Am Printing Solutions, because of how helpful they were. I had to have a business card designed, and printed; and was looking for a place that could get the job done on time. I visited other print shops around the area and no one wanted to take the time to help me design a business card; until I came across I Am Printing Solutions. The owner, Mark happened to be in and set me up with his designer. After about an hour I was able to have a business card designed and ready to be printed. I had them put in my order and stopped by to pick it up about four days later. I'm happy that they're still businesses that will take the time to work with you and don't just send you away.

Brandon A,

Burbank, CA


I came to I Am Printing after visiting 3 other print shops here in Burbank and North Hollywood to have my logo designed for my website and business cards. Not one of the 3 print shops whose names I don't  even care to mention put anything on paper or behaved in a professional manner when I returned on the day the work was supposed to be done. Mark Bell and Brandon took their time and worked with me directly to come up with an amazing logo and business card design. Everyone i showed was highly impressed and  loves their design and suggested that I should put them on shirts and hats to give to my clients. That is the next big job that I am working with them on now and will use them for all other jobs. I Am Printing Solutions is as good as it gets.

Delmar T.

Burbank, CA


I have been using this company for the past few years and they always come through for me with excellent quality and the best prices. My business cards were done in just a few days in the same week, and were made exactly as I wanted, even with the couple of special adjustments I requested. All of my reorders have also gone through them. They have made my brochures and other items as well, all of which I have been very happy with. Recently, they also did all of the funeral printing for my brother's passing through their Remembering You Always site. We set it all up on the site ourselves and the guestbook, programs, thank yous etc came out great. If you have anything needing printed, this is the place to go!

John R.


This is an awesome print shop, the staff is easy to work with, the quality is exceptional and very affordable. All work is done in a timely matter. They really but out Quality work.


 Nohemi B.


Highly recommend this print shop, I've used them several times. Excellent quality, things done in a timely manner, very impressed with the staff.

Kim R.